Welcome to TENJIN!

Tenjin is Fukuoka’s busiest downtown area

Tenjin is located in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, which is a popular tourist area also known as Japan’s gateway to the rest of Asia.

As well as nice weather, convenient transportation and excellent hotels, you can enjoy top-quality Japanese food, shopping and entertainment. There are also many services designed to assist foreign tourists.

Let’s take a look at some of what Tenjin has to offer. We’ve collected recommendations for eating out and shopping, tips on where to stay and where to exchange money, and climate and transport information. So all you have to do is relax and enjoy your trip!

Basic information about Tenjin

Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture centering on Tenjin with a population of about 1.5 million people (as of September 2015) is one of the best commercial towns in Japan.

Fukuoka City is about 540 km from Seoul, South Korea, and about 870 km from Shanghai, China. It is closer to China and South Korean than it is to Tokyo. Consequently, it has flourished as a window to other Asian countries since ancient times.

The only usable currency is Japanese Yen, but major credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard can also be used at commercial facilities. An increasing number of businesses also accept China UnionPay cards.


As Japan’s gateway to the rest of Asia, Fukuoka Airport receives many international flights. It only takes about 11 minutes to get to Tenjin from the airport by Fukuoka City Subway. This is said to be one of the shortest journeys from an airport to downtown in the world.

For short-distance journeys within Fukuoka, take a Nishitetsu Bus or taxi. For longer journeys, the Nishitetsu Train, Nishitetsu Highway Bus, Japan Railways (JR) and Fukuoka City Subway are convenient.

The JR Kyushu Shinkansen bullet train service began full operations in spring 2011, making it easy to travel from Tenjin to many other places around Kyushu.

Cash machines

If you’re having problems finding a cash machine or don’t know at which convenience stores you can withdraw money, check out this useful information!

Average annual temperature

Tenjin is located in Fukuoka Prefecture, which has a relatively mild climate, even when compared to elsewhere in Japan.

March to May Spring from March to May is the most comfortable season and the best time to visit if you intend to move around a lot.
June June brings the rainy season, called tsuyu, during which a folding umbrella is essential.
July to August Summer from July to August is hot and humid, but the inside of commercial facilities is still comfortable thanks to air conditioning.
September to November It’s a good idea to bring a thick jacket if you’re visiting in autumn from September to November, because it can get cold at night.
December to February A warm coat is a must during winter from December to February, when it can sometimes get cold enough to snow.

Exchanging money

The “Foreign Exchange Shop” of the Tenjin-cho branch of Fukuoka Bank is a convenient place to exchange foreign currency for Japanese yen in Tenjin. It has been operating at Lion Square since July 2015. It is open from 9 am to 9 pm every day of the year.

There are also banks where you can exchange money at Fukuoka Airport, Hakata Port International Terminal and JR Hakata Station. Please note that you will have to pay a commission fee for all exchanges.

Acceptance of China UnionPay cards at different facilities

Fukuoka Mitsukoshi
Iwataya main building
Hakata Daimaru
Solaria Plaza
Solaria Stage
Tenjin Core
Inter Media Station (IMS)
Tenjin Underground Shopping Mall
Tenjin Loft
Shintencho Shopping Arcade
some shops accept the cards
Tenjin VIVRE
Mina Tenjin
some shops accept the cards
Aeon Shoppers

some shops accept the cards
Hakata Riverain Mall
some shops accept the cards
Canal City Hakata
Marinoa City Fukuoka
BiVi Fukuoka
Hawks Town Mall
some shops accept the cards
Best Denki Fukuoka main shop
Bic Camera
Fukuoka Mitsukoshi Tenjin VIVRE
Iwataya main building Mina Tenjin
some shops accept the cards
Hakata Daimaru Aeon Shoppers

some shops accept the cards
Solaria Plaza Hakata Riverain Mall
some shops accept the cards
Solaria Stage Canal City Hakata
Tenjin Core Marinoa City Fukuoka
Inter Media Station (IMS) BiVi Fukuoka
Tenjin Underground Shopping Mall Hawks Town Mall
some shops accept the cards
Tenjin Loft Best Denki Fukuoka main shop
VIORO Bic Camera
Shintencho Shopping Arcade
some shops accept the cards

As of February 2016

Specialties and souvenirs

Fukuoka is known as one of the best cities in Japan for eating good food. Many overseas and domestic tourists visit Fukuoka for this reason. Local dishes that no trip is complete without include “Motsunabe” and “Mizutaki”, which are hot pots designed to be shared by many people. At night time, we recommend having a bowl of ramen noodles at one of the food stalls that appear in Tenjin and other areas each evening.
You also shouldn’t miss Fukuoka’s traditional specialties and souvenirs.

●Mentaiko - spicy cod roe

Mentaiko - spicy cod roe

Cod roe marinated in a sauce infused with chili peppers. It has an appealingly spicy taste and crunchy texture like caviar. It is a common side dish in Fukuoka and goes great with rice. It is also extremely popular as a souvenir. To buy it in Tenjin, go to the basement food floor of one of the department stores. There you can find many specialized shops. Pasta and snacks made using Mentaiko are also popular.

●Motsunabe – offal hot pot

Motsunabe – offal hot pot

A hot pot in which beef or pork offal is boiled in a soup containing cabbage and garlic chives. The soup comes in various flavors including light soy sauce and rich miso. Noodles or rice are commonly added to the remaining soup after eating the meat and vegetables. This is a dish that should provide you with plenty of energy for sightseeing!

●Mizutaki – chicken hot pot

Mizutaki – chicken hot pot

A healthy hot pot containing lots of chicken. Various ingredients such as Chinese cabbage, carrots, Japanese radish and mushrooms are boiled in a full-flavored chicken soup. It is commonly eaten with a citrusy ponzu dipping sauce or with yuzukosho (citrus pepper seasoning), which gives it a refreshing taste. Simmer rice and a beaten egg in the remaining soup for the full Japanese-style dining experience.

●Hakata ramen noodles

Hakata ramen noodles

Thin noodles in a thick broth made from pork bones. Popular toppings are sliced roast pork and green onions. If you still have soup left over after you finish your noodles, you can order a refill of noodles. This is called “Kaedama”, and is characteristic of ramen restaurants in Fukuoka. There are many famous ramen restaurants and food stalls in Tenjin. Why not try several to see which taste you like the most?

●Hakata dolls

Hakata dolls

Every Japanese person in Fukuoka is familiar with these traditional dolls. They are made from unglazed clay, which is then delicately painted. Many of the dolls are themed after Japanese traditional arts such as Noh or kabuki plays or ukiyoe pictures. They are exquisitely detailed, from the faces down to the tips of the fingers, and the artistry involved in their creation has received worldwide acclaim.

●Hakata weaving

Hakata weaving

Weaving came to Fukuoka from China about 770 years ago, after which it developed into the original Japanese style that is the basis for today’s traditional craft. It is characterized by Buddhist designs, detailed patterns and glossy colors. Hakata weaving is now used to make not only kimonos and kimono sashes, but also clothes, bags and wallets. Prices begin in an affordable range, so be sure to check out the available goods.

Recommended hotels

●Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel

Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel

A convenient hotel directly connecting to Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station and Nishitetsu Tenjin Bus Center. There are 173 western or Japanese-style single, double or twin rooms. From the restaurant and bar on the top floor, you can enjoy a romantic view of Tenjin lit up at night. The building is attached to the Solaria Plaza building, which contains fitness facilities and a cinema as well as many shops.

●Nishitetsu Grand Hotel

Nishitetsu Grand Hotel

A high-class hotel with a history and status that make it worthy of being called “Fukuoka’s reception room”. Located along Tenjin’s busy West Street, the hotel is a 3-minute walk from Tenjin subway station. It is convenient for shopping as well, with department stores, fashionable shops and cafes nearby. The hotel has 279 rooms, including non-smoking rooms. Internet access is available free in each room.

●Nishitetsu Inn

Nishitetsu Inn

A hotel located in the center of Tenjin. The reception desk is open 24 hours, so you don’t have to worry even if you stay out late at night. There are 161 single rooms and a few twin rooms. The free breakfast service is very popular. The hotel has women-only floors to provide female guests with extra peace of mind. It is a 6-minute walk from Tenjin subway station and is convenient for shopping, eating and accessing event sites. There are other hotels of the same chain in the Hakata and Nakasu areas of Fukuoka too.